Jesus to the Rescue

Jesus to the Rescue uses the Happyland toys to tell the surprising story of a baby born in the Middle Eastern town of Bethlehem and laid in an animals’ feeding trough. There are shepherds, angels and wise men, but it also explores how the story of Jesus fits into the bigger story of the Bible.

Mark’s Gospel

This short book, written by a first century follower of Jesus, includes eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. It is one of the four accounts of Jesus’ life included in the Bible.

Your Wellbeing Journey

TV presenters Simon Thomas and Joanna Adeyinka-Burford offer an invitation to greater wellbeing in Your Wellbeing Journey – a great stand-alone summary of The Wellbeing Journey series – find out more here.

To win a copy of one of these books, send us your name and address. Copies will be sent to the first 20 to apply. Copies of each of these books are also available from the HOPE shop

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